Rebecca Aslam, MS, RD, LDN

Updates on Vegan Nutrition

Rebecca is a Clinical Dietitian at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA. Her professional interests include plant-based nutrition as prevention and treatment for chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. She also has personal experience in plant-based nutrition throughout the lifecycle, having followed a life-long plant-based (vegan) diet.

   Jennifer BurzyckiCancer Survivor, Nutrition Enthusiast

Reversing the Effects of the Standard American Diet

When Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 at the age of 33, she began to reevaluate her life’s direction. Although seemingly content with most aspects of her life, Jennifer realized that she was just going through the motions. She found herself surrounded by poor relationships and stressful situations and spent little time involved in activities that she actually enjoyed. Confronted with a compilation of behaviors which were leading her to a life of poor health and chronic disease, she began looking for ways to regain control of her overall well-being. Through her own extensive research, Jennifer recognized that she had been creating the ideal environment within her body to promote cancer growth and she immediately set out to make substantial changes.

Jennifer will share her journey through her most radical change, from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (WFPBD), and describe the challenges she encountered along the way. With goals initially aimed at reducing her refined sugar and carbohydrate intake while adding nutrient dense foods to her diet, she had no serious intent of ever becoming a vegan.  She will discuss the results she initially experienced and what motivated her to further refine her goals to include not only the removal of all animal products from her diet, but eliminating all highly processed foods and genetically modified organisms as well. Jennifer will share how these changes impacted her physical health as well as her mental and social well-being resulting in a level of wellness that she never could have envisioned.  Delighted with her results, an interest in nutritional information was generated and she embarked on the task of enlightening others on how they too could make strides to improving their health.

Jennifer has achieved certification in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at eCornell University, and currently teaches health and science at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men. Jennifer’s passion lies in informing and educating adults about their role in preventing chronic disease. She seeks to assist others in identifying their own nutrient deficiencies along with providing knowledge regarding the role nutrients play in the body, and how they can best be attained. Jennifer assists individuals in their shift to a more WFPBD and firmly believes that through proper nutritional education, and the implementation of adequate nutrient intake acquired through a WFPBD, the risk of acquiring chronic diseases diminish. Jennifer stresses that regardless the condition you may find yourself in, it is never too late to improve your diet, thereby increasing your level of wellness, while reversing the damaging effects of the Standard American Diet.

   Mark Dillon

Simplify Your Path to Plant-Based

Transitioning to eating plant-based involves more than just eating great food, to be successful, it takes a mindful awareness.

Understanding our motivations, the social norms that surround us, and then creating our intention are some of the key aspects that separate us from trying to eat vegan on a whim to long-term success.

Regardless of your reason for exploring vegan and plant-based food Mark Dillon will show you how to touch in to your core motivation.

Mark Dillon has been vegan for 22 years. He hosts the popular podcast Mindful Vegan where he interviews some of today’s top experts in the vegan world as well as sharing his insights on how we can all bring vegan food into our life.

Stephanie Jeffs

Explore Raw

Stephanie Jeffs is a British raw food chef, author, entrepreneur, spiralizing expert and self-confessed juice junkie. She was once an unhealthy vegetarian and has since lost 120 pounds and cured herself of chronic disease through juicing and raw foods. She is passionate about clean eating. She is The Go-To Girl for Raw at

As the founder of Explore Raw™ Stephanie creates recipes, runs workshops and classes at her Cookery School in London and hosts life changing raw food events and retreats in Portugal. Stephanie launched the world’s very first vegan raw food bootcamp in 2013 and continues to run annual Raw Juice Camp events today.

Recently appearing in various media such as The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Vogue, Porter, Vegan Food & Living magazine and most recently on TV on Channel 4’s ‘What Britain Bought in 2015 with retail guru Mary Portas’ Stephanie hopes to help bring plant based living and Spiralizing to a more mainstream audience.

Stephanie’s recipes focus on creative dishes, constructing transition recipes that make meal times exciting, simple, nourishing and fun! Her dishes often focus on activated living foods and Stephanie lives her bring your food to life! strapline by living and teaching the principles and importance of enzyme rich, activated living ingredients.

Author of the plant based recipe book Spiralize! and 6 online ebooks, Stephanie is an accomplished chef, teacher and a vibrant energy in the clean-living movement.

Grab free recipes and ebooks, offers and raw food inspiration from

Stephanie’s book Spiralize! (Interlink Books) can be purchased from Amazon and all good bookstores. Stephanie will bring a small number of signed books along on the day for sale. There may even be a few giveaways!

   Sandra Koski

NH Veg Fest Drum Circle

Come drum with us at NHVegFest 2016 to elevate your mood and build up your immune system! We’ll start by learning some basic rhythms, then play a few songs and drum circle games. Please bring your non-animal skin drums or try out one of ours – we’ll have extras available. All ages and experience levels welcome keeping in mind drummers under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. You are welcome to store your drums in the music area while you walk around NH VegFest 2016.


    Mary Lawrence

Cooking Vegan for Non-Vegan Family and Friends

Chef Mary Lawrence will share tips and strategies to help you overcome any obstacle. She will address common concerns about where to get your protein, calcium and iron on a vegan diet, how to make food appealing to friends and family, what pantry staples are essential for every vegan household, and how to save time, money and your sanity in the kitchen.

Mary Lawrence is executive chef and owner of Well on Wheels, Connecticut’s premier vegan personal chef service. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV, including WNPR’s “The Colin McEnroe Show,” WWLP-TV’s “Mass Appeal,” and WTNH-TV’s “CT Style.” Mary has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at eCornell University and has taught at the Connecticut Culinary Institute and numerous programs and conferences throughout the U.S. Her recipes have been included in the Best of Vegan Cooking (2009) by Priscilla Feral and Her most recent cookbook, Easy Peasy Vegan Eats (2014), is a guide for busy people making the vegan transition. She is also a writer and food blogger, and her culinary creations can be followed on the blog, The Traveling Vegan Chef (


    Cayla Mackey

Beyond Food

Veganism is mostly associated with diet. But there are many other things that have animal products other than just food. Cayla Mackey, co-founder of two vegetarian businesses and the largest online curated collection of animal-free products, explains how vegetarianism goes beyond just food. She has worked with 200+ companies that cruelty-free products, and researched thousands of items to determine their ethics. Learn how the car you drive, the electronics you use, and the house you live in can be part of your path to a cruelty-free life.

Vegan Fashion

What is the difference between eating meat and wearing leather? Are vegetarians allowed to wear wool or down? What about silk, or beeswax? Now more than ever before, ethical fashion is enabling vegetarians to wear their ethics on their sleeves. Advances in animal-free technologies, synthetic materials, and cruelty-free products are changing how people buy. This talk will arm you with a better understanding of your options as an ethical consumer, and leave you empowered to vote every day with your wallet for a cruelty-free world.

As CEO of Unicorn Goods, Cayla oversees the overall vision and strategy of the company. She co-founded Unicorn Goods in 2013. After spending six months trying to find a suitable pair of leather-free shoes, she was inspired to create an online shopping resource for people looking to live an entirely cruelty-free lifestyle. By the time she was named the youngest member of Nashville’s 30 Under 30, she had already been on the cover of the Nashville Business Journal twice, once for starting the world’s first print magazine delivered by bicycle (Native), and again for Kickstarting the South’s first certified organic restaurant (Taco Bike). She has been a musician, a music journalist, a professional chef, an organic farmer, and a chocolate shop manager. Cayla was recently recognized by the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Studies as a member of the 2016 Global Social Impact House. She graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa as an Ingram Scholar from Vanderbilt University, having previously attended Phillips Exeter Academy. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and is a Hub Scholar at Social Enterprise Greenhouse. Her favorite color is hot pink, but she only wears black.(


    Andy Siver

Growing Micro Greens, Shoots & Sprouts

Andy is a veganic farmer, fermenter and homesteader in Eliot, Maine. In this demo he will be showing how to grow microgreens, shoots and sprouts. Andy’s Edible Gardens

Fermentation 101: An Intro to Fermentation

In “Fermentation 101” Andy will share his techniques to help get you started fermenting.


    Tim VanOrden

A Compassionate Approach to a Plant-Based Diet

“All too often, educators in the plant-based community, focus exclusively on the dietary components of well-being. While a high quality, plant-based diet is essential for optimal health, it is just one piece of the puzzle. In this discussion, Tim will present a more inclusive, holistic, gentle and supportive framework for succeeding on a plant-based diet – which also includes relationships, activity levels, awareness of one’s mental and emotional states, home and work environments, and a sense of spirit, or purpose. When all of these components harmoniously come together, health and well-being are maximized.” (