2017 NH Veg Fest 

10:30 am
Is Just Being Vegan Enough? - Jennifer Burzycki
11:30 am
Environmental Impacts of Animal Agriculture - Lorelei Plotczyk
12:30 pm
Tips for Navigating Relationships, Wellness, and Everyday Life as an Animal Advocate - Casey Taft
1:30 pm
Peace for the Other: Cultivating an Ethics of Dialog in Social Movement Praxis - Jason Derry

10:30 am
Updates On Vegan Nutrition - Rebecca Aslam
11:30 pm
Brewing Kombucha - Elizabeth Clements
12:30 pm
Growing Microgreens - Andy Siver
1:30 pm
Vegan Cooking - Stephanie Weldon

10:30 am
1:30 pm
Come drum with us at NHVegFest 2017 to elevate your mood and build up your immune system! We’ll start by learning some basic rhythms, then play a few songs and drum circle games. Please bring your non-animal skin drums or try out one of ours – we’ll have extras available. All ages and experience levels welcome keeping in mind drummers under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Exhibitors & Vendors

Andy’s Edible Gardens

Arbonne International

Brahma Kumaris

Compassionate Fashions

Doterra International

Healing Touch Pottery

Hippie Cakes


Like No Udder

New Hampshire Animal Rights

Oakenday Press

Pampered Chef

Pembroke Fit Works

Sea Shepherd

Sustys Radical Vegan Foods Cafe

Taco Party

Vegan Publishers

Vine Sanctuary

Willow’s Plant-Based Eatery