2018 NH Veg Fest 

9:30 am
Is Just Being Vegan Enough? - Jennifer Burzycki
10:30 pm
NH Connection to Orca Captivity! - James Glover

11:30 am
Jivamukti Yoga - Amanda Elizabeth Toll
11:30 am
The Benefits of a Living a Plant Based Diet - Emily Murphy
12:30 pm
Is the Future Vegan? - Mary Lawrence

12:30 am
How to Reverse or Manage Alzheimer’s & Dementia Naturally - Tarrin Lupo, DC, PScD
1:30 am
Vegan Travel Tips - Maria Giurcan
1:30 pm
Trauma in Animal Advocacy - Andy Casey Taft

9:30 am
Updates On Vegan Nutrition - Rebecca Aslam, MS, RD, LDN
10:30 pm
Brewing Kombucha - Elizabeth Clements
11:30 pm
Growing Microgreens, Shoots & Sprouts - Andy Siver

10:30 am
1:30 pm
Come drum with us at NHVegFest 2018 to elevate your mood and build up your immune system! We’ll start by learning some basic rhythms, then play a few songs and drum circle games. Please bring your non-animal skin drums or try out one of ours – we’ll have extras available. All ages and experience levels welcome keeping in mind drummers under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Exhibitors & Vendors

Andy's Edible Gardens   


Arbor Yoga and Wellness

Art of Dino

Basic Bars Soap

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center

Cedars Food 

Chrissy's Crumble

Compassion Co



Everything in a Mug

Farm Concessions - food truck

HippieCakes Vegan Bakery

Jewel of the Seed

Jennifer Lee's Gourmet Bakery


Like No Udder - food truck

Livs Life Baked Goods 

Mystical Flame Healing 

Natural Goods

NH Animal Rights League 

Oath Pizza - food truck

OM Pajamas  

Pampered Chef 

The Plant Deli

The Pottery Paddock

Pure Haven Essentials

Reiki Energy Healing by Britni Decker

Ritu's Spice Utsav

Sandra Koski

Sandy Dustin Photography  

Sea Shepherd 

Soy Much Brighter Candle Co 

Sustys Cafe 

Twin States Animal Rights

Umami Gorilla

Up The Creek Traders

Vegan Publishers

Vicuna Chocolate

Vine Sanctuary

Well on Wheels 

White Muck

Willows Plant Based Eatery 

The Word - The Universal Spirit

Yeah Dawg!!!